Andre Clayborne

Group Leader

Andre Z. Clayborne (PI) 


Andre Clayborne is currently an Associate Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at George Mason University.  After receiving his Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University in Chemical Physics in 2009, he held postdoctoral appointments at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), Argonne National Laboratory, and Kansas State University. He has held faculty appointments at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Howard University (Washington, D.C.) previously.   Dr. Clayborne’s research focuses on understanding the properties of molecules and nanoparticles for materials.  The goal of his research is to accelerate the discovery of materials using computational approaches such as DFT, Data Science, and Quantum Computing. He received funding for his research program nationally from the National Science Foundation and internationally from the National Science Foundation, the Academy of Finland (Postdoctoral Fellowship) and Natural National Science Foundation of China (Young Foreign Investigator Fellowship). 

Prof. Clayborne is an advocate for professional mentorship and inclusive science education. He has mentored students and peers on a global scale in industry, government, and education.