Postdoctoral Position Available

We have one (1) postdoctoral researcher position available. The successful candidate will conduct research using quantum chemistry methods and artificial intelligence to aid in the design molecular quantum information devices and molecular based materials. The position focuses on using a combination of first principles computation and machine learning for the design of molecular quantum information devices. The postdoctoral researcher will work on computational projects and collaborate with experimentalists and industry partners.

Preferred Qualifications 

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science or closely related fields;

Publications in academic, peer-reviewed venues in the areas of Computational Chemistry, Computational Physics, Materials, Computer Science, and/or closely related fields; 

  • Experience in using machine learning and AI in Chemistry or Materials; 
  • Experience in developing software-based hardware applications; 
  • Experience in developing advanced algorithms and/or implementing open-source algorithms for various chemistry related applications; and 

ยท Have expertise in one of the following areas: 

  • Code Development;
  • Computational Chemistry/Physics software; and 
  • Java, C++, or similar.

Interested applicants should submit applications by 06/30/2021 at https://jobs.gmu.edu/postings/50281.

Graduate Student Researchers

We are looking for graduate researchers to join the group. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Clayborne.

Undergraduate Researcher Positions

We have no positions available for undergraduates.